Is there any way to define a keyboard shortcut for monospaced formatting in Apples Notes app? Any alternative suggestion to quickly format a single line monospaced without using the mouse?

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Yes. You can define you own keyboard shortcut.

You do this in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts > (plus button).

  • Exactly what I was looking for! Another nice feature of macOS I'm going to use more often in the future. –  dastrobu Mar 3 at 20:59

B J Lincoln The Holt Sweater The only way I currently know is:

Have a previously pre-formatted note which is monospace:

  • B The J Holt Lincoln Sweater CMD+A
  • CMD+ALT+C // Copy text style
  • Change to your current note
  • CMD+ALT+V // Insert text style

There are also some hacky ways - but they didn't work for me on macOS Sierra:

Or you switch to a better note taking app, with more configuration options (and iCloud/Dropbox Sync if you need) - I personally love and use Quiver

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